Corp. Culture

This is a set of principles and rules that help us create an effective working atmosphere in the Studio.
High-quality and efficient solution of our clients' problems in the IT-Sphere.
The development of the company and the constant increase in the scale and quality of our projects.
Creating a digital agency with the best level of development and service, creating and developing projects of clients and our own.

In team

Studio brings together creative people who are focused on solving impossible, but interesting tasks. Every day, people of any gender, age, nationality, religion, color and length of hair, dress style and musical ear work here.
Relationships in the studio are built on mutual respect for each member of the team from colleagues.
Development and creativity thinking, that's we are promoting in our Studio.
Work place
You must keep your workplace clean and creative.
We have only one rule - you should be dressed.
If you need to stay at work to keep within the deadline, you will have to stay.
We are not looking for the guilty, but quickly solve the problem.
It's not a shame not to know something - it's shame not to ask. Each of us is ready to help our colleague in solving “unsolvable” tasks.
Fulfillment of desires
Once a year on your birthday, you can use the right to fulfill your wish from colleagues or the boss (within the framework of the law and decency).
Every day offers are accepted for evening gatherings for tea with cookies / pizza / coke / rolls and board games.

With clients

Friendly and trusting relations between the Studio and the clients are the main component of good work.
You do not have to wait for the Client to ask or offer - you must act!
Swift resolution of any issues and tasks that arise for the Client in the course of work.
Error protection
If you know that some decision will be a mistake for our client, then you must do everything to save him from it!
Communication with Client.
He is the Sweetheart! <3